Aidan Hammond

Ireland’s Number One Bike Fitter

The Fitter Makes The Bike Fit

Aidan Hammond is Ireland’s most experienced bike fitter. Over the past 20 years he has fitted bikes at his bike fit studio for over 10,000 of Ireland’s cyclists & triathletes, from novices to professionals.

As well as his bike fitting expertise Aidan is a qualified physical therapist, he can identify biomechanical muscle weaknesses or advise on injuries that a rider may have. Remember, it may not always be the bike that is causing an issue.

Aidan is a level 3 Cycling Ireland Coach and a former A1 rider with several stage race titles and National Time Trial medals. He is an independent operator who will provide unbiased advice on equipment. You are guaranteed that your fitting will be carried out by Aidan himself.

Why Get A Bike Fit?

Increase Power

To ride to your maximum potential you need to be able to maintain the highest average power output you are capable of. A good bike fit will ensure you’re riding in the most efficient position to achieve this.

Improve Comfort

Nagging aches or pains can suck the enjoyment right out of cycling and make a long ride very uncomfortable. Life’s far too short for that, especially since most cycling discomfort is easily eliminated with a proper bike fit.

Eliminate Injuries

If you’re riding a badly fitted bike it’s likely that you’re going to end up with injuries in the long run. A proper bike fit will identify the causes of pain or discomfort on the bike and eliminate the risk of future injuries.

Eliminate Pain

If you’re suffering from aches and pains after riding your bike, such as pins and needles in your hands, lower back pain, neck pain, stiff neck, knee pain, hip pain, numb toes or cramping calves it is likely due to improper bike fit.


Particularly important to triathletes or time trial riders, one of the easiest ways to get more aerodynamic is to get a bike fit. As one of Ireland’s most accomplished time trial riders Aidan is an expert at optimising your time trialling position.

Go Faster

A good bike fit will improve your comfort, power production and aerodynamics, meaning that you can ride faster, without doing any extra training!

Ride Faster. Ride More Comfortably. Ride More Efficiently

Why Choose Aidan?


Aidan Hammond is Ireland’s most experienced bike fitter. Over the past 20 years he has fitted bikes for over 10,000 of Ireland’s cyclists & triathletes, from novices to professionals.


Aidan is a qualified physical therapist and a Level 3 Cycling Ireland Coach and Tutor.


Aidan uses the latest technology in anatomical and physiological precision measurement tools, including In Motion video software and Computrainer with Spinscan.


Aidan is an independent operator who has a reputation for excellent level of service. He is happy to provide free after service advice on future purchases.


"Aidan has many years experience of both riding a bike and coaching
cyclists of all levels and with his qualifications in coaching, physical
therapy and bikefitting I am more than happy to recommend riders to work
with Aidan and have used him myself at my cycling camp in Majorca."

Stephen RocheWinner of the Tour De France

"Throughout my cycling career I have never looked past Aidan when needing crucial
changes made to my bike setup. Having been an international athlete and coach for
many years Aidan has the real world experience and technical knowledge that you just
won't find anywhere else nowadays"

Mark DowlingStrata 3 Velo Revolution and International rider

"I contacted Aidan after I purchased a new road bike and found his bike fit to be thorough and incredibly beneficial to how I felt on the bike but also to get some practical advice on how to improve my flexibility too. I have sent several clients to Aidan since then and the feedback has always been superb! I would highly recommend Aidan to anyone!"

Karl HenryPersonal Trainer and Operation Transformation star

"It's so important to have a good bike fit. I often work with riders who look like they could improve their position on the bike and I'll recommend that they go and see Aidan. After a proper bike fit with Aidan they'll be more comfortable and they often see an improvement in their performance. In the long term it's so important that a rider is riding a properly fitted bike"

Orla HendronWorld Track Champion and Cycling Ireland Level 1 Coach



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