The Bioracer Aero virtual wind tunnel is the latest piece of equipment that Aidan is using in his bike fittings. This equipment allows Aidan to discover your optimal aerodynamic position and to help you train it.

The Bioracer Aero virtual wind tunnel system is a way of training and showing riders how to ride and hold their optimal aerodynamic position. A report will be sent to you with photos of your best position that you can comfortably hold.

By measuring your frontal surface, whilst training on a roller system, the amount of watt that you have to pedal to maintain a certain (hypothetical) speed in that specific position is calculated. You will get real time information on these parameters (frontal surface and power), as these parameters are adjusted instantly, when you change your position on the bike. Find the most optimal aerodynamic position on the bike, but also how to train this specific position.

A full bike fitting including the Bioracer Aero technology costs €220. If you have previously had a bike fitting and would like to avail of the Bioracer technology only the cost will be €80.
Watch Bioracer Aero’s video for more information:

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