Don't take my word for it, check out what the customers have to say!

"Aidan has many years experience of both riding a bike and coaching
cyclists of all levels and with his qualifications in coaching, physical
therapy and bikefitting I am more than happy to recommend riders to work
with Aidan and have used him myself at my cycling camp in Majorca."

Stephen RocheWinner of the Tour de France

Aidan has fitted my bike for me several times now and helped me sort out the saddle issues I was experiencing. He's also helped me to find my optimum position on the TT bike, allowing me to improve my overall times and set a new 10 mile TT record

Lara GillespieMulti European junior and senior medalist, regular Irish Team International and UAE Pro rider

"I contacted Aidan after I purchased a new road bike and found his bike fit to be thorough and incredibly beneficial to how I felt on the bike but also to get some practical advice on how to improve my flexibility too. I have sent several clients to Aidan since then and the feedback has always been superb! I would highly recommend Aidan to anyone!"

Karl HenryPersonal Trainer and Operation Transformation star

"It's so important to have a good bike fit. I often work with riders who look like they could improve their position on the bike and I'll recommend that they go and see Aidan. After a proper bike fit with Aidan they'll be more comfortable and they often see an improvement in their performance. In the long term it's so important that a rider is riding a properly fitted bike"

Orla HendronWorld Track Champion and Cycling Ireland Level 2 Coach

"Throughout my cycling career I have never looked past Aidan when needing crucial
changes made to my bike setup. Having been an international athlete and coach for
many years Aidan has the real world experience and technical knowledge that you just
won't find anywhere else nowadays"

Mark DowlingStrata 3 Velo Revolution and International rider

Al O’Donoghue

Just a quick note to thank you for the bike fit. I’m much more comfortable on bike and seem to be traveling much better even up the dreaded hills. The rest of the group commented on my position on bike looking different before they even knew I had been down with you (one thought I had a new bike). Thanks again for your advise and exercise plan

Patrick Walsh

I have since clocked up 1500km in training, without a single moment of knee pain. On Saturday last I completed the Tour de Burren 155km sportive, which was my target all along, so thank you very much for sorting me out. Have mentioned your name to a few people along the way.

Hayes Paris2Nice Team

Thanks for the help you gave me in preparing for the Paris2Nice cycle in
September. I made it through the 6 days with virtually no pain, certainly no
knee or achilles problems anyway! Thanks for the help you gave me, including the nutrition advice. I’ve recommended you to many other people since!


Just wanted to thank you again for your help on Saturday. I managed to get out for a couple of hours this morning, and the difference was immense. No back pain at all, no neck pain worth mentioning, and even some reduction in hand numbness. I did get a puncture though, but you predicted that as well…… New tyres should be here by the end of the week!

Mark Walshe

It’s been a few weeks since I had the bike fit and just wanted to give you some
feedback. I must say I find my position on the bike to be much more efficient and comfortable than my previous set up. Just want to say thanks very much.


Just to let you know I did the cycle from Maynooth to Galway and back the
weekend just gone. I felt really good and amazingly didn’t really have any
stiffness or soreness on the bike, in spite of the long time that I was on
it. Thanks for your help!


Hi Aidan, you did my bike fit for me about 4 weeks ago, and I just wanted to say that I am really happy with it. I was having a good bit of shoulder and neck pain but since you adjusted it to a slightly less aggressive position, I have noticed a big difference.

Jeff Greene

I had begun to suffer from knee pain on cycles of 15+ kilometres, and it was really starting to interfere with my enjoyment of cycling. I just wish I had
contacted you straight away rather than spending 6 months tinkering myself
with cleat positions, saddle heights, stem lengths and various angles! The
fitting immediately made a huge difference, especially the fitting of my
road bike, but even the fitting you did on my commuting hybrid bike has
made a difference even though it is only a 5km commute. A few months have
gone by now and no recurrence of the problems so thanks again